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The Cilento

The name “Cilento“ derives from the Latin “Cis Alentum“ meaning “beyond the Alento“ river. Cilento is just a few miles off the usual tourist routes. It’s a place where nature blends with art and culture to offer you wonderful cultural sites, beautiful sea vistas and landscapes as well as splendid Mediterranean food. The Cilento National Park, the second largest Italian National Park, constantly maintains the harmony between nature’s Amazing landscapes and the thousands of years of history in the area to amaze and enchant any visitor.
The Cilento National Park has also been recognized by UNESCO ( 1998 ) as part of our shared World Heritage and described as “ an outstanding cultural landscape “.

Sunset, Casa Baccari
In Cilento you will enjoy a top quality & internationally awarded seaside experience, with a wonderfully cliff adorned Coastline as well as beautiful fine sandy beaches. In 2005 Castellabate, among others, was again awarded the coveted European Blue Flag for its high quality beaches. The most famous sites on the waterfront of Cilento are Paestum, Pertosa, Castelcivita, Castellabate, Punta Licosa, Acciaroli, Pioppi, Velia and Palinuro. But the beauty of Cilento is not only on the coast. The mountainous and hilly countryside, that is still rich in beautiful churches and monasteries, is equally welcoming and striking for its artistic and naturalistic richness.
The Padula Charterhouse, the Castelcivita grottoes, the Gelbison Mountain with its Madonna del Sacro Monte ( 1705 m ) Sanctuary and the several medieval towns of Cilento welcomes thousands of visitors each year.
The food products of the Cilento area have been made famous thanks to the studies that were accomplished in the 50’s by Ancel Keys, a famous American nutritionist, on the population of the Cilento area, where he noticed fewer cases of some pathologies, compared to the United States, became involved in a research project that lasted 20 years. The evaluation of 12.000 persons, between 40 and 60 years of age, residing in different countries, such as Japan, USA, the Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Finland and Italy, confirmed Keys’ hypothesis that, the more the diet of the subjects examined was drifting farther and farther away from Mediterranean patterns, the higher the cases of the “ wellbeing related diseases “. The success of the Mediterranean diet in the world as a matter of fact, really begun in the United States in the 70’s, when the USA truly highlighted the prevention of the pathologies, which are typical of the industrial society, that had splurged into the use of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, and compared it with the diet that Keys had been studying in the Cilento area. A diet based on olive oil, fish cereals, fruits and vegetables, as a matter of fact, can cause a lowering of cholesterol and prevents cardio-vascular diseases, and particularly atherosclerosis, hypertension, myocardial infarcts and hemorrhagic stroke.

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