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Cilento excursions
Campania excursions

Campania excursions

Faraglioni, Capri
From 15th of june to 15th of September you can reach the wonderful island of Capri in just one hour and half from San Marco harbor. The spectacularly dramatic coast of Capri is characterized by numerous creeks, tiny bays and caves. On sunny days, beneath the crystal clear waters, one can admire a seabed rich in flora and fauna, including great banks of poseidonia oceanica, of such vital importance for the health of the sea. Capri’s Blue Grotto is known throughout the world for its size, the intense blue tones of its interior. A mix of history, nature, worldliness, culture and events that daily blend together and bring the Legend of Capri to life.

Amalfitana Coast
In just one hour and half from S. Marco you can visit the legendary AMALFI Coast, with towns such as Vietri sul Mare famous for its ceramics, Ravello with its beautiful Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, Positano an elegant and picturesque resort with its white Mediterranean houses arrayed on the terraces.

Amalfi - Cathedral
Amalfi is dominated by its famous cathedral, an Arabic-Norman architectonic group built in 1203 on 9th century building, offering with its Paradise Cloister a scenery of impressive beauty. Its narrow roads connecting in the triangular square are irresistible, and at the centre rises Sant'Andrea's baroque fountain.

Amalfitana Coast
Ravello's strong points are the splendid gardens and the Arabic-Sicilian architecture. Do not miss Villa Cimbrone, the view from there extends until the planes of Paestum and is considered one of the most magnificent in the world. Still in Ravello you can visit Villa Rufolo, a princely residence built between 1270 and 1280 and recalled by Richard Wagner in the "Parsifal".

In just 1 hour and half from S. Marco you can visit the archaeological sites of Pompei, Ercolano and Vesuvio. Pompei, one of the most important examples of Roman civilization and is presented as an exceptionally open book about art, the costumes, on trades on the daily life of the past. The city has reemerged from the dark ages as it was when he was suddenly covered with a thick layer of ash spills, along with lava, with the devastating eruption of Vesuvio in 79 AD. The tragedy was enormous: life stopped forever.

Charterhouse of Padula
In just two hours from S. Marco you can visit the grandeur of the 14th century Charterhouse of Padula, also known as Certosa di San Lorenzo, is among the largest and most famous Certosa in Italy has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Its structure recalls the image of the grate on which the Holy One was burned alive. The main part of the Certosa is in Baroque style and occupies an area of 50,500 sq meters of which are built more than 320 rooms. The monastery has the largest cloister of the world (about 12,000 meters) and is surrounded by 84 columns.

Caserta - Royal Palace
In just two hours from San Marco you can visit Caserta, with the Royal Palace, built in 1752 is one of the masterpieces of Vanvitelli. The impressive castle in the stunning park in the middle of Caserta was originally built as a royal residence for the Bourbon King Charles III. In 1750 the bourbons conquered the entire area around Caserta and Charles III decided to make Caserta his military and administrative headquarters, as it was more secure than Naples.

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