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The apartments are situated eight hundred metres far from San Marco Village in Castellabate. You can go there by car or on foot with a ten minutes walk.
The property is completely surrounded by grass and trees, at the foot of a wonderful hill where you can often see beautiful hawks and other types of birds, while on the sea you can see beautiful white gulls.

You can also make long walks on foot or by bike (it would be better to use a mountain bike or a strong bike) to Punta Licosa, far only two kilometres from the property. Only other owners drive on the road. It is also possible to make excursions on the hill where you can see a beautiful sight on Salerno Gulf and enjoy extraordinary sunsets having in the background Capri Island and Amalfi Coast.

In San Marco harbour it is possible to moor boats during your holiday.

Casa Baccari - Via Vallone Alto - 84048 S. Marco di Castellabate - Tel. 0974 960014 Cell. 339 5967777